We are branding this event ‘Self Supported with benefits’ as it really does not conform to any current event format.

The event focuses on the growing trend in rackless touring, but with a unique twist.

From a single start point, each rider will visit a series of checkpoints throughout the day. How they get between the checkpoints will be dependent on their rate of progress and the style of riding they choose. From ‘adventure roads’ to mountain bike trails, there are up to 3 route options at every checkpoint and your arrival time will determine which route options are open to you.

Simply the faster you are, the further you ultimately ride… or as we like to view it, the more sociable you are the shorter the distance to the comfort of camp.

Oh and you won’t know the routes until you get to the checkpoint and you won’t know your ultimate destination until you get there … fun? We think so.

Some will ride 80+ miles, some won’t reach 50 miles, but all will arrive to hot food, a comfortable camp and a complimentary beer (don’t worry, there’s Gin and Tonics and soft drinks too). The overnight gives an opportunity to relive the day with friends old and new. There will also be some inspirational adventures to be told by some brand ambassadors.

The Distance Lake District, is presented by Deuter and Sea to Summit. With support from Dolan, Rawvelo, GRVL, Spookton Hutchinson's.

Pack a sleeping bag and a shelter!

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